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The Lens

As a youngster, I had found a scratched-up lens in the sand
A simple round-shaped glass object, thickened at the center
Palm lifted upward, it fit the inner part of my out-stretched hand
All my grasping lines and cracks appeared to me so much larger
I wondered where it came from and who it had belonged to
Returned to its silicon home to erode away — or be found again
Contemplating why it was me who was the one that would find it
Would it be showing me something special I couldn’t quite see?
With summer passing by, all kinds of things went under that lens
Insects, leaves, and moss– many objects, in closer detail seen
In school we had learned about nature and life forms that were unique
Recalling church classes proclaiming God as nature’s unifying Spirit
Summer vacation ended quickly and I needed to return to school
The glass magnifier placed in a drawer, there to stay for years
Embraced by all the natural wonders of the Creator’s infinite realm
The transition to adulthood seemed smooth for an outdoors kid like me
The sights, sounds, and smells of nature revealed a Godly presence
God’s spirit sensed in the flow of life amid the wondrous beauty of it all
Later in life, I wanted to learn and understand more about the Bible
Church teaching aside, I still pondered how to “read” the ancient texts
To on-line resources and books, delving into a non-literal interpretation
My probing mind-set swung even further in a non-fundamental direction
Various writers discussed the use of a progressive interpretive rationale
The literal, historic, mythical, symbolic, metaphorical — where and when?
This way of thinking as a ladder to understand these ancient God-experiences
The Bible seen more figuratively as the “Word of God” vs. God’s words per se
The glass magnifier stayed tucked away for many years where I had put it
Prefacing discovery of this encompassing, open-minded, Spirit-revealing “lens”

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