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The Life of Jesus


The life of Jesus shows a way

Of living life in love each day.

He lived with kindness, but was strong

In striking out against all wrong.

We seek to live in harmony,

But try to conquer tyranny.


The life of Jesus is a cry

To share our wealth and modify

Desires for the most and best;

With what we have, we’re surely blest!

We seek to live in harmony,

And turn our backs on luxury.


The life of Jesus is a voice,

When doubt engulfs us, to rejoice

In beauty of the world around,

Compassion which is so profound.

We seek to live in harmony,

Make joy a shared reality.


The life of Jesus is a plea —

“Forgive and love your enemy.”

We must not learn to use the sword;

And making guns must be outlawed.

We seek to live in harmony,

To stop all senseless agony.


In Jesus Christ, God’s call to life,

Is lived amidst horrific strife;

God, as the source of love, is known

In Jesus Christ, though not alone;

We also seek our destiny

To let love have supremacy.


Tune: Melita (Eternal Father, Strong to Save)


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