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The Making of “The Way” a Lenten Journey

Our personal journeys through Lent are associated with a symbolic wilderness, but we need not wander there without direction. “The Way” is the title of a poignant painting that hangs during Lent above the altar in the Children’s Chapel at Christ Church Christiana Hundred (CCCH), Wilmington, Delaware. The idea for the painting came from the Rector, Rev. Ruth Kirk. Its purpose is to stimulate and encourage the speculations of lively preschoolers at daily morning worship: otherwise they might (probably would) wriggle, whisper, squirm as they faced nothing but an uninviting plain Lenten panel. My wife Roberta Tucci received the commission for the painting, and our son Max photographed its evolution. Needless to say we all engaged in reflective and fun family discussions for six weeks or so during its creation. I am attaching a slide show of the painting’s development. If you are in the area, I hope you will visit CCCH and appreciate its inspirational chapel.

by Roberta Tucci

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