The Stages of Spiritual Maturity-Part 4: The Knowledge in My Body


Faith And Reason 360 is a podcast that creates a space for dialogue challenging faith to act for justice in our world.

Episode 17: The Stages of Spiritual Maturity
Part 4: The Knowledge in My Body

Part 4 of our series featuring audio from Father Richard Rohr’s lecture “The Human Spirit.”

Moving from stage 3 to 4 is likened to a ritual wounding – we are forced to leave our proverbial tribe and enter inner awareness of ourselves. We discover that our identities live within our bodies. Stage 4 offers a wonderful experience of self-discovery. We get to immerse ourselves in religions and practices that open up personal realizations.

The limitation of this stage, though, is that we live in a world consisting of other people. Our personal enlightenment is only as useful as it moves us to action to work for justice in our world. Ann and Debo discuss the implications of that movement for institutional religion as a whole.

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