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There Are Times

From the ‘Sing Young, Sing Joyfully’ collection

1. There are times when truth is this and partly that,

When love can bind extremes to be as one,

But at other times our heart says “you must choose the way

Of life or death, for you and Earth today.”


2. Shall we choose to feed the hungry nations now

Or wait until the time of Kingdom Come?

Shall we leave it all to God or heed the call today

To act upon the prayers we often pray?


3. Shall we take our stand with all who are oppressed

Or serve the cause of those with wealth and power?

Shall we leave it all to God or heed the call today

To act upon the prayers we often pray?


4. Shall we bankrupt all the nations who are poor

Or buy their goods at prices which are just?

Shall we live like Kings and Queens while others waste away

Or act upon the prayers we often pray?


5. Are we people who pretend that climate change

Is something we don’t need to help to solve?

Shall we play our part by choosing ways to live and pray

Which nurture all the life of Earth today?


6. There are times when every person has to choose

And times when nations cannot see ahead.

Let us heed the Prophets’ call for people and the Earth

And act upon the prayers we choose to pray.


Tune: “If You’re Happy and You Know It” (anon.)

Text  © William Livingstone Wallace

Arrangement © Alison Carey

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