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A modern Portland, Oregon rabbi explains Jesus’s messages

The gospels were written by Jews and written for Jews. They are Jewish books. Phrases like “being born again” and “turn the other cheek” make more sense when these phrases are understood in context.

An outside-the-box, modern rabbi from Portland, Oregon explains the Jewish messages of Jesus. Rabbi Brian’s style is approachable, warm, honest and quirky. He quotes Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy to help explain the intent of the phrase “I am the way the truth and the life. No one gets to the Father except through me.”

This mini-course contains six videos and audios along with their written companion PDFs.

Open your eyes to the wisdom, honesty, and humor of the world’s most famous rabbi – presented by a pretty wise, honest, and humorous rabbi.

01 Born Again: What does this phrase mean? What did it originally mean? How can one be born again, anyhow? Did Jesus mean for people to see him as the only way?

02 ReLOVEution: How turning the other cheek, walking the second mile, and giving your second garment were acts of sedition and brilliant fighting power with love. (Also, the proper use of anger.)

03 Heaven (on their minds): Jesus and his followers talked an awful lot about heaven. What did they mean by that? Where is it and what did it mean as it was used in the Lord’s prayer? And, the phrase “fear of heaven,” the rabbis meant that only to mean love of God; not to be scared. Really.

04 The Bible: What it is an why it matters. How to take the Bible seriously without taking it to be literal. A review and summary of books about the New Testament.

05 Mysticism: Jesus and his disciples were mystics. What did that mean in their day? What is a spiritual experience? How does this jive with John 3:16, cause that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

06 Easter: This is a short piece about the true meaning of Easter, which even a Jewish rabbi can appreciate. He is risen, indeed.

“Jesus’s messages are Jewish. Understanding how Jews see Jesus’s words is important.”· – John Pavlovitz

“Rabbi Brian synthesizes Crossan, Borg, Spong, and more into something approachable, heartfelt, loving.” – Fred C. Plumer

“Thanks for sharing who you are and sheltering the beautiful so well that when you offer it, we feel it changing us.” – Gretta Vosper

6 audio files
6 videos
6 PDFs

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