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Three Faiths Carol

Hymn words by Shirley Erena Murray

Now the star of Christmas

      shines into our day,

points a new direction:

      change is on the way –

there’s another landscape

      to be travelled through,

there’s a new-born spirit

      broadening our view.


When the Christ of Christmas

      speaks to heart and mind,

clears the clouded vision

      hurting humankind,

kindred spirits gather,

      drawn toward the light,

sharing revelation,

      joyful at the sight.


 If we choose to follow,

      we may yet be wise.

Where the three kings travel

      three great faiths arise:

 Jesus Christ for Christians,

      Jesus, Judah’s son,

 Prophet for the Muslim,

     wisdom in each one.


Where the star enlightens,

      light is shared around.

God has drawn no borders,

      faith sees common ground:

peace the hopeful journey,

      justice without bar,

God’s illumination

      from the Christmas star.


Music  ©  Colin Gibson  

Words ©  Shirley Erena Murray

Colin Gibson’s music for these words is published in Hope Is Our Song.  It can also be sung to any, for example King’s Weston (At the Name of Jesus)

Topics: Arts and Music, Interfaith Issues & Dialogue, and Worship & Liturgy. 8 Points: Point 2: Pluralism and Point 5: Non-Dogmatic Searchers. Seasons & Special Events: Epiphany. Ages: Adult. Resource Types: Hymns.

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