Tokyo’s Tokenism

While euphoria still echoes round the room,
about things viewed in Olympics 2021 by zoom;
‘out of this world’, ‘over the moon’, ‘Oh my God’,
‘fantastic’, ‘unbelievable’,
‘amazing’, ‘incredible’,
‘extra-ordinary’, abounding examples of individuals and their teams
expressing the outcome of patient and persistent preparation,
with the encouragement of skills imputed by familial training.

Is this not a glimpse, hint, open aspiration, towards evolutionary enterprise,
as is seeded at every birth, the wonder enclosed within
that profound term ‘incarnation’, potentiality available eternal creativity,
seen in every tiny sphere each occupies within the cosmic vastness.
That spirited energy which has expanded for ‘billenia’ since Big Bang.
‘Oh my God’. How now to convert such dedication and discovered glory
in our own drive for the Common Good as an ‘international human team.’

What mutuality, what enduring training, what end outcomes!
Yes, unique opportunities to serve and not to count the cost,
to see the outcome not of individual medals or near misses
but the true sharing of the Common Good.
What is the use of that marvellous Olympic global viewing
of personal best or new world records, massive achievements,
if we do not diligently apply expertise and training to life ourselves;

to the tasks of structural change ahead, the end of usury,
the passing on of earth’s gifts without possessiveness,
the evolving of co-operation as the basic mode
of not only Olympic aspiration, but that of the salvation
in perpetual evolution of nature’s eternal gift,
integral life in its prior unity expressed ever in rich diversity.
Let’s all birth anew each day such euphoria.

~ Peter Challen

And no sooner penned than I found


This is not a wall
to you
it is a call
to accept differences
to stand proud
to feel safe
and to spread love

This is a welcome
to every person
today and always
to reject divisions
to speak your mind
to be safe
outside and in

Follow this pathway
to awareness,
to acceptance
to compassion.


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