TULIP: The Poisonous Flower of Calvinism

Are you deconstructing your Christian beliefs and feeling overwhelmed? Here is a book that can guide you through the process.

David D’Andre grew up in an evangelical environment as the son of a Baptist minister. After graduating from Bible College, he worked in various positions in the church and was a full-time missionary. He has also taught Bible courses at a Christian University.

David began to question his beliefs during his graduate studies at Temple University and doctoral work at Yale University. After razing his entire belief system to the ground, he spent several years searching for a new approach to spirituality.

TULIP examines the principal doctrines of Calvinism that underpin much of contemporary evangelical beliefs. It provides a detailed discussion in layperson’s terms, of each aspect, and a general survey of the debate about its central issues down through the centuries until the present day.

TULIP analyzes the toxic nature of these beliefs, and the ways in which recent prominent defectors from the Church have wrestled with them. It also analyzes the detrimental effects these beliefs have on one’s view of self and on the dynamics of one’s intimate relationships. David includes a candid discussion of these with intimate examples from his personal life.

This book will help its readers sort out their lingering questions on crucial faith issues and resolve residual fears about the nature of the divine and eternal destiny. Above all, it will help its readers work through their healing process, and start enjoying a life that is rich in emotional freedom, joy and inner peace.

Read TULIP and take a giant step in your emancipation!


This book explains the beginnings of Calvinism and the later individuals who played a significant role in its perpetuation. Many contradictions are discussed. This book is especially helpful to those in the “second half of life” who grew up believing that God was all powerful, loving and all knowing. Yet, a belief in the doctrine and creeds of the church is inconsistent with that belief. Evidence is provided that Jesus’ original teachings were very far from the typical Christian doctrine we have today. Scholars often agree about the way the Bible was written, etc. Jesus’ teachings on love and compassion are often ignored in favor of the portrayal of God as vengeful and unforgiving. – Karen Montgomery

I finally found the perfect book that matches with my beliefs. This book proves to the reader that many Christians don’t actually follow the true version of God. God is GOOD; not an angry, vindictive entity in the sky who’s waiting to send us to hell if we break a rule. Thank you for exposing the toxic beliefs that many of believers around the world follow that I disagree with myself. Anyone’s free to believe whatever they want, but this true version of God being shown to us with this book makes me happy especially as you have a huge online audience. THANK YOU! 🙂 – Steven Vargas

David is an excellent researcher. I would call it Clef notes for deconstruction. His comparisons are spot on. He reached back in time a pulled up a roadmap for where Western Christianity finds itself today. He has a decidedly European slant that let me see another side of the story. I have learned more about what I embraced then all the time I called myself a Baptist. I am thankful! – Shannon


Published by  Apocryphile Press


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