Uppity Women of the Bible – DVD Version


Uppity Women of the Bible is a four volume DVD-based series featuring Hebrew Bible professor Dr. Lisa Wolfe. Combining careful scholarship with humor and fresh insights, Dr. Wolfe presents just what your group needs for lively, thoughtful discussion of Ruth, The Song of Songs, Esther and Judith.


The four volume series is comprised of a total of 25 engaging 5-15 minute sessions. Developed for adult study groups meeting in homes or houses of worship, each session ends with discussion questions so that participants – with or without a trained facilitator – can understand, debate, and explore the issues raised by the stories of these often misunderstood Biblical women.

  • Includes the DVD set and on-going access to the online (downloadable) discussion questions.

** Attention International Customers (RE: DVD format) This product is only available in NTSC format.

Lisa Wolfe is also the author of Ruth, Esther, Song of Songs, and Judith (Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2011) which is a companion book to this DVD series. For details and pricing please click here.

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