We Need More Love and Less Prejudice- sermon video

Community Christian Church of Springfield

Published on Apr 28, 2013

It is not an easy message for people to take in. Think about who in modern history has tried to get people to live together in peace, to end violence and prejudice and discrimination… President Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Medger Evers, MalcolmX, Martin Luther King, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Oscar Romero….all tried to heal the division of the north and the south, Hindus and Muslims, Blacks and Whites, the rich and the poor, the powerful and the weak. It might also be worth noting how the world reacted to each of these great leaders…..they were all shot and killed with a gun…… how might history have been different if guns had not been available to those murderers?

What we have here is too much prejudice and not enough love.

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