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“What is our ultimate concern?”

What is our ultimate concern?

Where is the centre of each soul?

What are the things that matter most?

What single sense will make us whole?


We recognize the depth of love,

the grace that held us from our birth,

but all too soon we lose our grasp

and other things have greater worth.


The things we own, the clothes we wear,

usurp the place that God should hold,

become our idols, cloak our minds

as if our faith was lost or sold.


The God that we purport to serve,

to love with heart and soul and mind,

is lost within our self concern

yet still is there to seek and find.


So God, we come to start again;

to clear the clutter from our lives,

to see you in each neighbour’s face,

to find the faith that holds and strives.


© Andrew Pratt 13/10/2011


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