When Our World of Thought Lies Shattered

From the Boundless Life collection

When our world of thought lies shattered

As its truths fragment and die

We will trust the mystery’s oneness

Held within the Earth and sky.


What we once conceived as solid

We now know is full of space,

What seems static and unmoving

Science shows is not the case.


All we thought was unconnected

Now is linked with cosmic thread.

What was seen as unrelated

Genes unite as one instead.


Faith that claims to be rock-solid

Holds some parts but not the whole.

Only through the Spirit’s flowing

Can we find our journey’s goal.


Can our faith survive this turmoil?

Can it reverence newfound laws?

Yes, when wonder is our helpmate

Aiding us to stop and pause.


Glory be for sacred mystery.

Praise for all life’s wondrous ways.

Celebrate emerging knowledge

Woven in a ring of praise.


Text © William Livingstone Wallace

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Review & Commentary

  • Doris Evans

    I was very interested in William Wallace’s poem. The words point to current scientific information regarding the cosmos and our being. I believe that we, as Christians, must embrace the new scientific information which helps explain many of Jesus’s explanations of “the kingdom of God is within,” “ye are gods,” and other previously mysterious statements. In my opinion, many of our old Christian understandings are actually primitive, explaining one reason many people, youth in particular, find little in traditional Christian preaching that make sense to them. There is so much information currently written and available that explores and expands on the new science concepts in relation to our very existence in relation to the Creator God. I hope Progressive Christians will study and learn more regarding the relationship of science and religion and began to preach a more current message.