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Where Are You?

Where are you, my Comfort?

In fears, apprehensions

Disruptions, grief, delays


Where are you, my Good?

In failures and temptations

Vengeance with malicious ways


Where is compassion when we need it?

It’s easier to turn away

And trust seems to abandon us

On stressful days


What took my peace?

Who stole your faith?


What happened to all beauty, style, elegance and grace?

I feel frazzled, anxious, I’m a mess, I admit it, OK?

Leave me alone

I can’t take it

Go away!


Where is Comfort?

Where is Good?


It is here:

I just forgot to bring it

I didn’t pack it for the race


I expected it to pop up

On demand


But I must nurture healing powers

To keep them close at hand


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