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Catholic Bishops In Uganda Voice Support For ‘Kill The Gays’ Bill

Catholic Bishops in Uganda have called for the revival of the horrifying ‘Kill the Gays bill,’ an anti-homosexual legislative proposal for the life-imprisonment or execution of homosexuals. The controversial bill has been around since 2009, it has been vilified by most of the world, including President Obama and the Vatican itself lobbied against it. The Catholic Church had been the lone religious group in Uganda opposing the bill.

But now, the Bishops called for its revival due to, ‘an attack on the Bible and the institution of marriage,’ This represents a serious rift somewhere in the Catholic Church hierarchy, if they’re acting in defiance of the pope, who Catholics believe to be God’s voice on earth.

This repulsive piece of legislature cannot be written off by Americans as some sort of ‘backwards, third-world savagery.’ The Ugandan President’s wife, Janet Museveni who is believed to be a driving force behind this bill, has close ties to American Evangelical dominionist groups. She is also said to be the President’s preferred successor, in 2016. The gay rights group, ‘Sexual Minorities Uganda’ issuing U.S. evangelical preacher Scott Lively for creating the climate of hate and persecution in Uganda, through his ‘ministry’ efforts.

It’s to be fervently hoped that members of the Catholic Church in America, and worldwide, speak and act against this action being undertaken in their name.

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