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David Twede, Mormon Blogger, May Face Excommunication For Criticism

A Florida-based Mormon blogger has said he is facing discipline and possible excommunication by church officials over posts they perceive to be anti-Mormon.

David Twede’s posts offer his account of the history of the church’s political involvement, criticism of fellow Mormon and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, and the author’s take on Mormon beliefs about the nature of God and temple ceremonies.

Twede, a 47-year-old fifth-generation Mormon and the managing editor of, told Reuters on Saturday he was confronted over his posts and advised of the possible discipline at a meeting with local church leaders this week.

In a blog post on September 17, Twede described his meeting with church officials the day before. “Most of my family is true-believing Mormon, and they will be hurt by my probable excommunication for apostasy,” he wrote.

The Utah-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints declined to comment specifically on Twede or his blog, saying that disciplinary matters were confidential.

But in a statement, church spokesman Michael Purdy said it would be “patently false” to suggest a Mormon would face discipline for having questions about their faith or for expressing political views.

Read on at Reuters.

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