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Don’t Let 200 Million Acres of Our Public Lands Get Fracked Sign the Petition to Ban Fracking on Public Lands!

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Dear Supporter,

Fracking is causing serious damage to our climate.

Just today, Pope Francis met with President Obama and called for bold action to limit our greenhouse gas emissions. Fracking is another link in the fossil fuel chain that is leading to climate crisis.

Ask your members of Congress to stop the onslaught of fracking on our nation’s public lands to protect our climate.

By the end of 2014, fracking companies had leases on over 34 million acres of public land, with over 200 million more acres targeted for drilling. We’ve got a plan to protect this land, but we need your help.

Food & Water Watch helped to introduce the strongest federal bill against fracking to date — the Protect Our Public Lands Act. This bill stands in bold opposition to the oil and gas industry and their supporters in Congress that want to increase fracking and other fossil fuel extraction on our public lands. To date, 26 Representatives are co-sponsoring the bill to ban fracking on public lands. This is great progress, but it’s time to turn up the heat!

That’s why we are partnering with allies (listed here) to collect petitions to deliver in-person to key House and Senate targets in Washington D.C. on October 20. Sign the petition to ask your members of Congress to support and co-sponsor the bill to ban fracking on public lands.

Since the bill was introduced on Earth Day this year, more than 100,000 Food & Water Watch supporters have sent messages to Congress, thousands of people have made phone calls and hundreds of volunteers have signed up to help push key Representatives to sign on. As a result, we’ve been able to educate Congressmembers and their staff about the harms of fracking and to push many to support a ban on fracking.

But at the same time, the oil and gas industry is rushing to frack as much of our public land as possible — and fast. They are poised to get even richer by keeping us addicted to fossil fuels and taking advantage of cheap leases from the federal government before our elected officials wise up to the inherent dangers of fracking to our lands, communities and climate.

We must stand together to stop the damage that fracking is causing to our country and push for a 100% renewable energy future. Even if you’ve sent a message to your Representative earlier this year, we encourage you to please sign the petition — our lawmakers need to hear from us consistently that fracking is an important issue for our climate and our communities.

Will you sign the petition to ban fracking on our public lands?

Together, we can create a future without fracking.

Thanks for all you do,

Miranda Carter
National Online Campaign Manager
Food & Water Watch

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