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To all those who desire to unite as Unitarian Christians

It is with great humility, but also with great excitement and hope, that we announce the establishment of the UNITARIAN CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF AMERICA (UCCA).

Our new web site is found at: Unitarian Christian Church of America

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You are invited to make note of this information and to share it with others.
We are now accepting new Members. Please, see our Membership page on our web site for further information.

The UCCA is established around the general beliefs of modern Unitarian Christianity as reflected within our “UCCA Platform”.

This church might correctly be viewed as part of the current Progressive Christian movement, and we believe that it is a New Concept Christian Church whose time has come.

We are an open and welcoming Church.

We are extending a hand of fellowship to all who find favor with our liberal Christian “Platform” and who seek to join with us in our work to unite as a Unitarian Christian Community.

Our objective is to establish Unitarian Christianity as a religious denomination for contemporary people and for the future.

We invoke God’s Blessings for us all as we embark together on this spiritual journey.

Rev. Dr. Shannon Rogers, DDiv, President, Sr. Pastor, UCCA

Rev. Ronald Lloyd Ryan, DA., Ph.D.,
Director of Education, General Programs and Services, UCCA

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