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    • Authentic Freedom Academy
    • Lauri Lumby is a professional Spiritual Director in the
      Ignatian tradition, transpersonal psychologist, Ordained Interfaith Minister, and Reiki Master Practitioner. Lauri is the owner of Authentic Freedom Academy in Oshkosh, WI and the founder of the Order of the Magdalene – a spiritual order of women and men who are called to continue the work Jesus began of turning the world from separation and fear into oneness in love.
      Lauri has developed, Authentic Freedom, a formal process for the psychological and spiritual
      formation of adults. Rooted in the Western Contemplative tradition,
      Authentic Freedom has a universal application that speaks to people across religious beliefs and practices. Transcending centuries of dogma, Authentic Freedom reveals the powerful and life-changing message at the heart of Jesus’ teachings and the universal truths at the core of every religion.
      Lauri is also the author of Authentic Freedom—Claiming a Life of Contentment and Joy; Christouch—A Christ-Centered Approach To Energy Medicine Through Hands-on Healing, and the novel, Song of the Beloved – the Gospel According to Mary Magdalene.

Resurrecting the Magdalene Online eCourse

Resurrecting the Magdalene is a six-lesson, self-paced, e-course created by Lauri Ann Lumby, transpersonal educator, author, spiritual director and ordained interfaith minister. The purpose of this course is to reveal and share in the deeper and hidden truths about the Magdalene and her time with Jesus; including her roles as student, initiate, co-equal partner, wife, facilitator and witness to the resurrection, and the one sent to continue Jesus’ mission of being love in the world. Participants are empowered through the course to reclaim their own Divine Feminine and are activated to be a vessel of Divine Love in the world.

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Did Mary Magdalene Raise Jesus from the Dead?

  Game of Thrones seems to think so anyway… SPOILER ALERT! A friend of mine who is a marketing guru recently told me that the reason I’m not “famous” is because my material isn’t controversial enough. Well…here’s …

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What Happened to Mary Magdalene? Righting 2000 years of Masculine privilege.

Thank you in advance for indulging my rant! As much as I am still fasting from the Eucharist (read here about the whys and hows of my exodus from the institutional Catholic Church), I still view Jesus …

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Being Church for the Millennials

Asking the question about how to be “church” to the Millennials, however, presents somewhat of a conundrum. How is one “church” to those who are not religious? After twenty years of working with and ministering to the needs of this audience, I believe there is a solution. I have learned that in order to support the spiritual needs of the Millennials, benefit from their inherent gifts, and prevent the ultimate demise of the Church’s mission, we need to think outside the box of traditional religiosity. Instead of expecting them to seek us out, we are invited to meet them where they are at.

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Not church

  It seems the final piece of an ever-evolving puzzle has found its way into place. Starting Sunday, August 16, 2015, I will be adding a Sunday service to the offerings of Authentic Freedom Academy. This addition …

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Song of the Beloved: The Gospel According to Mary Magdalene

(Book One - the Jesus Years) (Volume 1)

Every story is true, some of them actually happened… Song of the Beloved is a provocative retelling of the Jesus story from the perspective of Mary Magdalene. After fourteen years of suffering with the debilitating effects of trauma, Mary is healed by Jesus. She then becomes his most enthusiastic and devoted disciple; later becoming his companion, co-minister, beloved and wife. Designated the Magdalene, Mary is appointed to carry on Jesus’ ministry after his death. A great work of fiction, inspired by scripture, historical documents and ancient sacred texts, Song of the Beloved provides nourishment and inspiration for those in search of a relevant Christianity – with Jesus and Mary as two who lived the fullness of the human experience while teaching us how to love.

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