• Barbara Lundblad
    • Associate Professor of Preaching, Union Theological Seminary, New York. An ordained Lutheran pastor, she served a church in New York City for 17 years before joining the faculty at Union.

Transforming the Stone: Preaching Through Resistance to Change

Most preachers wonder if their sermons have any real and lasting effect on those who hear them. Lundblad guides us toward a way of preaching that has the potential for being genuinely transformative.

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You Don’t Need Points: The Creation

Well, that is one way to look at it all. But there is another way. I am telling you that in the beginning, God created not one or two but a whole bunch of us. Lots of …

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You Don’t Need Points: A Fellow from Nazareth

That frolicking dance didn’t last long. That frolicking is no way to win a game or to keep score and we had to get back at it again. So we stopped that dancing and frolicking all together and got busy again.

God kept trying to find us and to slow us down. God kept saying things like “Remember, remember the strangers. Remember the widows and orphans. Remember when you cut your fields to leave some at the edges, to leave some for the sojourner in your land.” That was no way to get ahead.

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