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    • Beverley Burlock
    • I grew up in a small ocean town in Nova Scotia, Canada, born into an award winning weekly newspaper family. Thus from the beginning, ink was in my blood, questions were in my brain. Since the questions extended into theology, I was often ‘in trouble’ from an early age, though that never stopped the questions. I have both journalism and theology degrees, and have worked in both professions, calling out injustice in both. Always an avid reader, now in retirement, I can blissfully read to my heart’s delight on an even broader range of topics.

A review of SAVING GOD FROM RELIGION: A minister’s search for faith in a skeptical age

by Robin R Meyers

  A review of SAVING GOD FROM RELIGION: A minister’s search for faith in a skeptical age. by Robin R Meyers 2020 Published by Convergent, New York (an imprint of Random House) by Beverley Burlock I confess, …

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Book Review: Religious Language, Meaning, and Use: The God Who is Not There

Thinking religious words have become widely separated from any meaning in religious practice isn’t that new. It’s mostly fundamentalists, including atheist ones, who are still sticking to either/or, black/white concepts.

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The word “God”

In religious as well as other history, when we don’t know our own history, we are condemned to repeat it. Condemned not by anyone else, not even “God”, but by ourselves and the consequences of our own willful ignorance.

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An official request to have my name removed from every official list of United Church of Canada clergy

I am sure you know that the United Church of Canada has subjected one of its ministers,
Gretta Vosper to a hearing where she was thoroughly interrogated over what up until now has
been the basis for ‘essential agreement’. Not anymore! She is now in the process of being
defrocked which means the UCC has now become a signing creedal church, with no
expectation of growth since ordination vows. It also means from henceforth any ordained
minister can be hauled before a similar court on the basic of one complaint, NOT EVEN
from within the congregation, about what that minister said.

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