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    • Bob Dickinson
    • Bob Dickinson is a veteran media and business development executive who has written corporately for various sports and entertainment companies, including those involving college, professional, and Olympic sports, motorsports and sports television. Since 2015, he has operated his own business development firm with a penchant for advocacy as well as a non-profit foundation that focuses on the science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) behind sports and entertainment. His faith walk has led him along the way to involvements with the One Race Movement Ministries, Bridging the Gap Men’s Fellowship, Partners in Change and various faith outreach programs. He periodically writes for Like the Dew – A Progressive Journal of Southern Culture and Politics. Dickinson and his wife live in the greater Atlanta area. He is currently working on a book of political allegory short stories and a play.

Faith and Politics

The ills of society.  One might argue that both Christianity and politics confront the ills of society head on.  Then why is there such a rift between them? 

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