• Cindy Wang Brandt
    • Cindy Wang Brandt is a progressive Christian writer, but she has not always identified as progressive. In fact, she grew up conservative evangelical and was a career missionary for 5 and a half years. Cindy's experienced a radical faith shift and writes often about how that shapes who she is today.

      Along the way, she become a parent. Trying to navigate parenting when your faith has and is evolving has been complicated—but nobody ever said parenting is easy. However, she is convinced that one of the best ways we can make an impact in the world is to invest in the slow, unseen labor of cultivating values of hospitality, creativity, equality, social justice, and deep spirituality in the next generation.

Talking to children about the Bible

How should I respond if my young children take the stories of the Bible literally when I don’t believe in a literal reading?

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Parenting Forward: How to Raise Children with Justice, Mercy, and Kindness

How do we build a better world? One key way, says Cindy Wang Brandt, is by learning to raise our children with justice, mercy, and kindness.

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Blog and Podcasts with Cindy Wang Brandt

A life with renewed purpose, healthy spirituality, embodied values, meaningful connection with others, and hope for a more just future.

I write, speak, podcast, and build community surrounding faith shifting issues and anxieties. I want to build the world I want to live in—together, with you.

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