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    • Dan Senter
    • Dan serves as Secretary on the board of He is currently the Senior Pastor at Our Saviors Lutheran Church in Lafayette, CA. For the past 20 years, Dan has been working to manage Christianity’s slow mutation into post modernity.

      Dan writes, “For the past 20 years, I have been trying to wrap my head and heart around the changing face of Christianity. I have worked intimately on three fronts. I foster a deep and broad spiritual life grounded in our secular experience, work to transform the DNA of my organization, and push toward the leading edges of scholarship that might guide us into a new future.”

      Dan has created a wide array of alternative Sunday experiences that are intergenerational and multisensory and has fostered approaches to intentional community life based on the Appreciative Inquiry model. He has extensive experience working through the dynamics of change within congregational life including high levels of conflict that are an inevitable part of significant transformation and has developed a model of congregational leadership that is organic and participatory. In addition to his work with and his work as Pastor of a mid-sized suburban church, Dan serves on the board of The Urban Farmers ( working on local food justice issues. He serves as cohort lead with Criterion Ventures ( exploring church as an economic being and the intersection of money and meaning. He runs a small janitorial business and can’t keep his hands off his old cars and his house full of projects. He writes when he can, practices his bass before dinner and gets outdoors as much as possible.

Jesus, Wendell, and a Few Fish

What does a new kingdom look like when your family becomes disconnected from the patterns of the sea and must function within a more “efficient” system? Would the new kingdom Jesus talked about lead you back to a balance between humankind and the fishing patterns you once knew? Is something lost when we begin to place layer upon layer of human ingenuity between us and the sustaining power of earth and sea?

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We Are Community

An opening affirmation

We are community
Embraced by the mystery of God’s love for all creation

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A Farmer’s Creed

Poetic words that will linger beneath each small start that now rests within the nursery.

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A Call to Find Your Voice

Responsive reading based on the 8 points

Together we hold a place where each can find voice as they long to reflect the Christ for our time.

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Resurrection Reflections

Dogs Barking in the Distance

I still remember the existential gut wrenching I felt when I first read John Dominic Crossan’s assertion that underneath the resurrection story that cracks like holy thunder on Easter morning was the more likely scenario that the crucified body of Jesus was probably consumed by wild dogs.

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