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    • Daniel David Joseph
    • Daniel David Joseph is a mystic, Kabbalist, dream-teller and interpreter, musician, poet and artist who has spent the last several decades exploring the rich and mysterious world of higher dreaming. He delivers his message of spiritual unity and metaphysical insight in multiple forms and diverse venues, from church and synagogue to hip hop club. He is the former leader of the Eye of the Tree, a progressive Havurah and Bread at the Gate, a world-music, spoken-word poetry group.

Who Made the Monster?

Thoughts & Dreams on the Nightmare in Atlanta

Is Mr. Long, the monster who brought suffering and sorrow to Atlanta, simply the product of a racist, misogynistic socio-political environment; the victim of mental illness, the prisoner of a defective personal genome he has no control over?

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If Jesus Were Alive Today…

I know in my heart if Jesus were bearing witness to the world as it is today, if he walked among us in sandals and robe he would want us to take care of each other, to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.

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