• Daniel Hatch
    • Education: UC Berkeley and Graduate School; San Francisco Theological Seminary.
      Married;'65-'08 & '12 to present
      Children: Dr. Ted b.'69 & Prof. Meg b'70
      Peace Corps Fiji I '68-69
      Cross-Cultural Trainer and Non-Profit Administrator in HI '70-'83
      Ordained in the UCC August,'86, serving in CA, MO, and HI. Certified Spiritual Director '02 and Church Consultant '10

The Treasures of Darkness

Great Spirit, Source of Love and Life,
Help us bring an end to strife;
Fill all our hearts with peace and grace,
May we enhance the human race.

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We’re Never Alone;
“God”* is within us

*DiSSoLaL (Divine Spirit, Source of Life and Love)
RE-PACKAGING DIVINITY: Becoming Divinely Human

I am a quasi retired Spiritual Director and Church Consultant within the United Church of Christ (UCC). I am deeply concerned with the fetters of 4th Century “packaging” of Divinity related to the religious challenges of the 21st Century.

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New Wine and Old Wine Skins: A Reflection on Current Changing Times

Jesus said part of the reason one has to pour New Wine into new wine skins was to preserve the old wine and old wine skins.

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