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    • David Garshaw
    • Clergy of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) & Walking in THE WAY of The Christ in Progressive Christianity among all denominations

Cataclysmic Calamity

Are too many Christians in the USA standing by while our country crumbles at the hands of the elite who exercise political and corporate power? I do not refer to the partisan religious who promote candidates, parties, conspiracies, etc. I refer to those who could, but do not, demand justice from all political parties and interests for equality among all in our country.

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The search for Hope, Trust and Contentment for the Nones, Dones And Discouraged

Are you curious why the church is “way out of tune” with today’s times?
…how a 21st century None, Done or Discouraged might be attracted to a 21st century understanding of church and Jesus??

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The Birth Stories of Jesus in Matthew and Luke

Here’s another effort to help Christians better understand Bible stories do not conflict with science, as they are mostly metaphorical. They need not fear and disrespect science, as so many now do, creating havoc in our religious and political worlds.

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