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    • David J. Schmidt
    • David J. Schmidt is an author, professional storyteller, translator, and home-brewer from San Diego, CA. He speaks nine languages and has been to 29 countries, discovering mysterious tales in nearly all of them.

      Schmidt is the author of two humorous romance parody novels, “Pirates of the Danube” and “The Baron Rides Again.” He was a co-author of “The Daily Book of Art” and “The Daily Book of Photography,” and has published a number of articles and short stories in publications in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Schmidt has collected folklore and strange stories around the world, from the remote mountains of southern Mexico to the jungles of Peru, from Ireland’s pubs to Egypt’s “City of the Dead”.

      Schmidt received his B.A. in psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University, and lives in San Diego, CA.

God Bless the Satanists

Shortly after I met the Satanists, I told a Christian friend about their social advocacy.“How do you know it’s not a trap, though?” Her brow furrowed. “Maybe they just act progressive to lure people in, then trick you into worshipping the Devil.”

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