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    • George Wolfe

Have Yourself a Twilight Zone Christmas

For many people, and certainly for the business community, the Christmas season is over by New Years day. But the traditional Christian calendar actually extends Christmas until January 6, which begins the season of Epiphany. Hence, the “Twelve days of Christmas” as enumerated in the popular song.

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Discovering Your Inner Light

During the Christmas holiday, we often see the Magi or “wise men from the east” depicted in numerous nativity displays. The journey of the Magi to find the Christ child however, is actually celebrated after Christmas on the Christian calendar, beginning January 6th with the Feast of Epiphany and lasting to the beginning of Lent. 

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The Subversive Message of the Christian Nativity

The Christmas message therefore, is not for the Wall Street billionaires and department store owners. It’s not for powerful politicians or military leaders. Rather, Christmas is for the working poor, the disenfranchised, the homeless, and the teenage single mom who chose to keep her baby and is struggling to finish school so she can support her child.

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Reflections on the Fire of Notre Dame

Two of my favorite places in Paris are the Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Montmartre and the Cathedral of Notre Dame. One can’t help be raptured by their architectural beauty, enduring tradition and the inspired art that adorns these honored places. But the fire in the Notre Dame Cathedral reminds us of the temporality of these sacred structures and artifacts. Or as the Buddhists would say, “nothing is permanent,” a reality that forces us to look more deeply into what a symbol represents and calls us to ponder.

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Meditations on Mystery: Science, Paradox and Contemplative Spirituality

Albert Einstein’s maxim, “Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind,” takes on new meaning. Without the insights and empathetic values that come to us through spirituality, science is reduced to a cold and dehumanizing worldview.

It is my hope that all who read these pages will be left with a deeper appreciation of the emerging intersection of modern science and spirituality.

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Life of Truth: A Synoptic Gospel (Kindle Edition)

Many Biblical scholars maintain that the recovery of the historical Jesus is impossible, that “only a whisper” of him remains in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. They point out that the gospel writers, unconstrained by modern standards …

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