• Hugh Dawes
    • Vicar, St. Faith's Church, London, U.K. Chair of the Steering Committee, Progressive Christianity Network – Britain.

The State of Progressive Christianity in England

from a speech delivered at the 1998 TCPC Forum

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By Whose Authority

The Bible–with all its strangeness, weirdness, and contradictions; its
metaphors, ironies and stupidities, its untidiness, its sprawling
nature, its boisterousness–is
well suited to this a more democratic definition of ‘authority.’

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The Challenge for Progressive Christians:

Dealing with Conservative Parishioners and Congregations

If I’m myself sceptical about being an energiser, it will be abundantly clear to all of you that I am most certainly not a New Englander. It has been one of the real pluses of my involvement with TCPC over almost ten years now that I have had the opportunity to get to know progressive Christians from many different parts of the US; but in particular people from New England. I am not a total stranger here. But in a sense part of what that has done is to make me very aware of how our territories are each distinct; and of how different church, Christianity, and religion more widely are in North America, when compared with Britain.

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Making Sense

For all of us, I suspect, the world feels a different place this Christmas from the way it did this time last year. The events of September 11th in America – and all that has arisen from …

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