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    • John Udell
    • John Udell (Jack) has been a member of UUF of La Crosse for over ten years. Though raised in a liberal Christian tradition, he came to UUism later in life, discovering that he, like many, actually had been a UU is whole life – though just didn’t know it.

      As a member of this Fellowship he feels he has been inspired, nurtured, and empowered. After listening deeply with trust, respect, and compassion he wishes to share a few insights that he feels may contribute to our fellowship’s collective conversation about the importance of being intellectually honest and about how we make sense of the world.

Was Einstein a Theist?

…though linguistically, “being” an a-theist (atheist) should be the same thing as not being a theist, this clearly is not always the case. Indeed, even the renowned Unitarian Humanist John H. Dietrich made this very claim: that is, that because he considered himself open minded about the possibility of there being a god he was not an atheist. Though because he saw no evidence for a god, he was not a theist. Dietrich falls victim to the mental contortion of equating denial of existence with proof of non-existence, what he felt was the definition of atheist.

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