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    • Martin Thielen
    • Martin Thielen has served as a minister in the United Methodist Church and the Southern Baptist Convention. He has pastored small, medium, and large churches, including a megachurch of ten thousand members. He also worked as a national denominational editor, consultant, and adjunct seminary professor. He holds a bachelor of arts, a master of divinity, and a doctor of ministry degree, plus a year of Ph.D. studies at Vanderbilt University. Martin is the author of hundreds of articles and eight books, including the best seller, What’s the Least I Can Believe and Still Be a Christian? His website, Doubter’s Parish, helps thinking people navigate faith in the twenty-first century. The books, articles, stories, and posts are all free, including his new downloadable novel, An Inconvenient Loss of Faith. You can visit the site at www.DoubtersParish.Com.

Retired pastor starts online ‘Doubter’s Parish’

Retired United Methodist pastor Martin Thielen reaches out to skeptics and struggling Christians, offering help and solidarity through his website, Doubter’s Parish. Photo courtesy of the Rev. Martin Thielen.

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A Colossal Failure of American Religion

The American church has enjoyed many successes. Unfortunately, it’s also been guilty of numerous failures.

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On Losing and Keeping Faith

I became a Christian believer as a teenager in a conservative evangelical church. Since then I have lost much of my youthful faith. For example, I have lost faith in a literal Bible. It’s beyond me how people in the twenty-first century can still believe everything in the Bible should be taken literally.

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