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    • Meredith Jordan
    • The Living Spiritual Elders Project, developed and facilitated by psychotherapist and interfaith spiritual director Meredith Jordan, is taught in Maine in the Fall and Spring of each year, and in Sarasota, Florida, each winter. The project is designed specifically for men and women from ages 45-85 who genuinely seek to understand the important role they play in shaping the world of tomorrow. It is especially meaningful to “The Boomer Generation,” which from the beginning has sought to redefine all ages and stages of life to hold more meaning and purpose. The Living Spiritual Elders Project also travels to others parts of the United States and Canada as a three-day retreat sponsored by community organizations, churches, and by individuals. It is one of the many courses in matters of spiritual meaning developed by Rogers McKay, a non-profit, multi-faith, spiritual-educational organization founded by Meredith Jordan and her friend/colleague Ellie Mercer in 1996.Jordan is the author of Embracing the Mystery: The Sacred Unfolding in Ordinary People and Everyday Lives (2004) and Standing Still: Hearing the Call to a Spirit-Centered Life (2006). Both are available through bookstores nationwide as well as at Her CD of healing meditations is available only through the Rogers McKay website at Jordan can be contacted at 207-283-0752.

Standing Still

Standing Still is another book of engaging, luminous and memorable stories about people who are on their everyday spiritual journey. The author reminds the reader to “remember the power of story to touch what might otherwise remain untouched in us, something deep in the soul that could be changed forever.” And she cautions readers, “Be prepared, for your life may be shaken or upended by the simple stories in this book.” At the end of each story, there are questions which will help you “stand still” to see what is happening in your life right now and experience “awe and reverence at the Mystery.”

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I Have Lost the War

Yesterday, as I sometimes do when I need amusement, I went online to read my horoscope for today. The words leaped off the page at me, “The long, exhausting battle is over, and you have lost the war” I immediately burst into deep sobs of both sorrow and relief. Those words struck a chord of truth deep in me…I felt like a kid standing on the football field after the lights have gone out and his team has lost the big game. He still holds the football in his hand and believes he’s just one more touchdown away from a winning game.

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God In Disguise

So many of my relationships suffered from the not-knowing of such a truth: that absolutely everyone and everything we meet along the journey is God-in-disguise waiting to show us the way to liberation. All that separates me from remembering this universal wisdom are my own (often buried) thoughts, judgments, fears and beliefs. If I stop making up stories about other people who don't look, talk, sound or act like me, I usually find another man, woman or child who just wants to love and be loved.

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The Wake I Leave Behind

Let's look at this as a comedy of errors…or as a cosmic joke on me. The point of this story is that how we look at the events that cross our paths effects everything about the cosmology we are constantly building (and revising) as we grope along the path through life.

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