• Paul Higginson
    • Paul Higginson is a retired Religious Education and Politics teacher and author of “Doing Christianity: How religion is about what you do, not what you believe.” Before teaching, he worked in a halfway house for people living with schizophrenia and later spent time working with St. Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta. He now works part-time as a Schools Inspector. Married with three children he lives in Hertfordshire, UK.

Knowledge – Progressive Christianity

The world is full of people promising ‘instant enlightenment’ or writing self-help books on ‘Happiness Now!’ Some claim to have a hotline to God which no one else possesses, or a special insight which no one else has received. Anyone who claims to know it all, probably knows very little.

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Doubt is our friend – Progressive Christianity

It can be scary to have doubts because we imagine that we are moving away from God. In reality, we are only moving away from our comfortable and established ideas about God.

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Doing Christianity

How religion is about what you do, not what you believe

In Doing Christianity Paul Higginson encourages us, in nine simple steps, to look afresh at the words of Jesus in the Gospel. Jargon-free and full of practical steps you can apply each day, Doing Christianity can help to refresh your faith, deepen your relationships and give you a new sense of hope for the future of the Christian Gospel.

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