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    • St. George's Lowville
    • St. George’s Anglican Church Lowville espouses a “progressive theology” (also called a liberal theology) within the Anglican tradition. We see ourselves as God’s people, created in the divine likeness by a loving Creator. Our parish aspires to be a loving community of disciples of Jesus Christ.

      Sunday worship at St. George's is joyful, not gloomy, so that coming to church on Sundays is a joy, not a duty We reject the belief that we were all born sinful, awaiting and expecting punishment from a vengeful and judgemental God. After all, Jesus himself imagined the Heavenly Father to be like an idealized earthly parent. That is why he taught his disciples to pray, “Our Father”.

Christianity began as a breakaway sect of Judaism

The Scriptural evidence of this has always been right before our eyes. Yet, it is only in recent years that we have come to appreciate the Jewish roots of Christianity.

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Homily: Father, Son, and Sacrifice

Scripture: Genesis 22: 1-14 with Rev. Nigel Bunce

Today’s lectionary reading from the Hebrew Scriptures is an appalling story about a Father, Son, and sacrifice. God commanded Abraham to make a human sacrifice of his only son, Isaac.

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Father, Son, and Sacrifice

Scripture: Genesis 22: 1-14

Perhaps the story isn’t so much about God but about us. But if you accept that the Bible is the work of many authors, the story tells you nothing about God. Instead, it tells you what the various authors’ believed.

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