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Faith communities are searching for new language and new ways to express their faith and their beliefs. As an organization we feel we are called to support them in this journey.

Over the years we have aimed at offering what Bishop Spong has called A New Christianity for a New World.  With our readership and authors we have long since moved past deconstructing Christian theology and into reconstructing our theology.

We have addressed those tough “who are we?” and “what do we believe?” questions.

Through our website scholars, theologians, pastors, authors, artists, and musicians have been able to share their incredible creations with the world. And because of this growing global network of Progressive Christians, we are co-creating and evolving together. We are putting our minds, our hearts, and our faiths together to come up with language that is relevant and meaningful in the 21st century.

We are so pleased that we are able to provide a holding space for such exciting resources such as liturgiesbooksstudy guidesinspiring videosmusichymnsprayersarticles, our children’s curriculum, and more– all of which come out of this co-creation.

People from all over the world have contributed to this page on New Creeds, sharing their new language and their evolving faiths. And now we are thrilled to share that with you.

This page is the co-creation of many and will continue to evolve just like these statements of faiths will. These statements and thoughts come from a wide variety of theological leanings.

Blessings on your journey.


Our Contemporary Story/Myth


A Creed of Peace


A Creed for Healing


A Creed for Accepting Change


A Farmer’s Creed


Profession of Faith

The creed we use at Abby of the Way in Arizona


Statement of Faith from All Desires Known

Janet Morley


Creed of Grace Cathedral (SF)



I Believe

Originally written by Dr. Robert H. Ayers of Athens, GA.


Nicene Creed (NEW)

by Don Welch


Dr. Holmes’ Declarations of Principles

Science of Mind (Religious Science) Community


A Confession of Faith

“The Christian Creeds–A Faith to Live By” Monika Hellwig, 1973, Pflaum (revised for inclusive language)


A Statement of Faith

(Progressive Christianity Network, Britain)


The Canberra Affirmation


Evolving Affirmation of Faith


Credo: God Is


Credo for Christians

from OPEN CHRISTIANITY: Home by Another Road (St Johann Press, 2000)


Creed for Christians

from BIRDLIKE AND BARNLESS: Meditations, Prayers, and Songs for Progressive Christians (St Johann Press: 2008)


An Acknowledgement of our Creator


New Creed


Epting Credo


The Woman’s Creed

Rachel Conrad Wahlberg from the book “Jesus and the Freed Woman” 1978


One Woman’s Creed

Frances Somerville


One Man’s Creed


Statement of Faith


I Believe In the God of Abraham

(found at a church in Bruges Belgium in July 2010)


Gloria Dei, PA Statement of Faith

(used in place of the ancient creeds during our contemporary service)