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Find Faith Communities Using A Joyful Path


Welcome to the Joyful Path, Children’s Curriculum search engine!


If you are looking for a church, small group, or intentional community who is using A Joyful Path, simply search below — using a Name, City, or State in the selection fields.  To see all churches in our list, just click “Search Now” without entering any selections and you’ll see everybody we know of.  Please note that this is not a complete list.



We encourage you to keep checking back here, as this list will be continually updated so that more faith communities are represented.

 As more and more people learn about our children’s curriculum, we are frequently asked if we know of a church or faith community that is using it. We would like to direct them to your community. Help us make this list complete! Update your profile to include your organization and click “show me in directory.” 

If your church, small group or intentional community would like to be included in our list below, please update your profile and add your Organization’s Name. Make sure to check “show me in the directory”.

You can also email us at: and let us know your community’s Name, City and State.  Help families find YOU!


Need to update your profile?


Sign In, at the top right corner of the website, then click on “My Profile” next to your name. A form will drop down and you can update all of your information there. You can also upload an image there for your profile picture. Your church logo would be a great choice if you are listed as an organization.