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Liturgy Project

Transforming Churches With Artful, Soulful, Intellectually Satisfying Liturgical Elements


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At, we get thousands of emails from people around the world, many of them requesting sources of progressive Christian worship materials.  

Where can churches and groups find liturgical resources with creative, engaging alternatives to patriarchal, supernatural language and symbolism?

While our website is rich with stories about churches that are constantly developing remarkable liturgical forms, we have never been able to gather these materials into an accessible form, until now. Brilliant innovations in worship in progressive churches around the world are, like lamps hidden under bushel baskets, unknown to thousands of leaders in other churches who would be overjoyed to discover and use them.

That is why embarked on a Liturgy Project which will positively transform worship services in churches and local communities all over the world.

We want make liturgy available to anyone seeking a fuller expression of their faith journey!

The Liturgy Project has contacted hundreds of churches and individuals to collect a wide variety of litanies, hymn lyrics, dramas, chants, and art and design concepts. These materials have been organized and published on our website.  We highlight our weekly liturgy on our website home banner and in our emails. Best of all, our liturgies rise out of an international collaboration of our most talented, artistic and creative writers and they are free to you to download at any time!

This is an ongoing project, continually seeking and offering new resources to enliven congregations with artful, soulful, intellectually satisfying liturgical elements.


Share your liturgy:  email Polly

simply attach your file or copy and paste your liturgy into an email along with a short bio of yourself if you would like


Please read our Invitation to Submit Liturgy HERE.


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The Liturgy Project is a big forward step in fulfilling our primary goal of helping progressives grow in spirit and in numbers. 

We need your help to make it happen.

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The progressive Christian movement started by deconstructing the dominant paradigm of the faith in America, taking apart its patriarchy, literalism, and chauvinism. But in the last few years, our movement has turned in a positive direction.

We’ve begun to construct a new model of Christianity that is compatible with deep spirituality, religious pluralism, sound science, good common sense, compassion for the needs of humanity, inclusion of all people, and respect for the environment.

We hope you’ll join us on the “ground floor” of the major addition to the new edifice of Christianity that the Liturgy Project represents!

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To submit liturgy to be used, please email Polly.


Dr. Polly Moore has been chosen by to be the Director of the Liturgy Project. Polly has remarkable credentials for the task. She has a PhD in mathematics, was the vice president of Genentech Inc, a major biotech firm, and is a recent MDiv graduate of Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. She is a candidate for ordination in the United Church of Christ. A gifted musician, she helps create unique liturgies in her church, College Heights UCC in San Mateo, CA.


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