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The mission of is:

To be a defining voice for progressive Christianity. To support communities in their evolving faith. To positively transform the world through spirituality, informed theology, social justice, and environmental stewardship.


How are are working to fulfill our mission?


~Providing resources for spiritual expression and developing innovative learning materials for all ages


~Embracing and amplifying scholarly work on Christianity


~Reclaiming the symbols of our faith. We are finding effective means to be heard and to influence the behavior of the churches and those who would call themselves Christians


~Building an international network of progressive Christians. We are working with independent networks in other countries to provide support for people, especially the isolated, who hold to the principles that we believe are central to the Gospel and the teachings of Jesus.


~Being a constructive force for social and environmental justice and peace in the world. We continue to seek out allies in the struggle to bring social and environmental justice and peace to all people, especially those who have been oppressed and are powerless.

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