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A Joyful Path, Year Two – Unit 2: Many Ways

By Published On: December 13, 2016Comments Off on A Joyful Path, Year Two – Unit 2: Many Ways


What Is A Joyful Path Year Two Like?


In A Joyful Path, Year Two, we focus on some of the main tenets of Progressive Christianity and Spirituality, giving our children the foundation they need to walk the path of Jesus in today’s world.  It has stories and affirmations written to help children clarify their own personal beliefs while staying open to the wisdom of other traditions.


Year Two will be similar to Year One, in that it will have 37 lessons, full color original artwork, a contemplative and introductory section for the teacher in each lesson, 37 original stories, incredible heart warming, feeling based activities, and tips to bring music and nature into each lesson.


Year Two will have be slightly different from Year One, in that we are going to focus more directly on our eight points, breaking them down into 3-5 lessons per point.


Unit 2 Lessons are:

• Lesson 1: Hinduism
• Lesson 2: Buddhism
• Lesson 3: Islam
• Lesson 4: Judaism
• Lesson 5: Indigenous

Each Year Two Lesson Includes:

Teacher Introduction/Getting to the Heart of the Lesson
Teacher Reflection
Spiritual Affirmation with full color Art
Original Story, and Activities, Bible Verses,
Wisdom Quotes

Getting to the Heart of the Lesson

This group of lessons introduces children to the beliefs and rituals of five major world religions.

The core value of this curriculum is that children have experiences that open their hearts and give them moments of joy and feelings of unity with nature and with others. These moments can occur through the arts and through the physical body. Therefore, most of the activities involve one or both. The intellect analyzes and distinguishes differences—valuable skills for scientific research and progress. The heart receives and feels unity. One of the goals of these lessons is that children understand that people of different religions have much in common.

Young children are naturally open and interested in others and in nature. Their feelings of the heart can be nurtured and encouraged so that they continue to feel for those who are different into their teenage years when it becomes important to fit in. While there is valuable factual content in every lesson, teachers should remember that one of the underlying goals of this curriculum is that in each class, children have a positive experience that allows them to feel open, accepted, and able to express themselves.

If children come away with a feeling of respect and curiosity and affinity for the uplifting values of the different religions, the unit is a success! Learning the terminology and facts about the religions is a great by-product that will come if the teacher’s enthusiastic about the topics, but it is not the primary goal.

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