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A Joyful Path, Year Two – Unit 7: Integrity of the Earth

By Published On: December 14, 2016Comments Off on A Joyful Path, Year Two – Unit 7: Integrity of the Earth


What Is A Joyful Path Year Two Like?


In A Joyful Path, Year Two, we focus on some of the main tenets of Progressive Christianity and Spirituality, giving our children the foundation they need to walk the path of Jesus in today’s world.  It has stories and affirmations written to help children clarify their own personal beliefs while staying open to the wisdom of other traditions.


Year Two will be similar to Year One, in that it will have 37 lessons, full color original artwork, a contemplative and introductory section for the teacher in each lesson, 37 original stories, incredible heart warming, feeling based activities, and tips to bring music and nature into each lesson.


Year Two will have be slightly different from Year One, in that we are going to focus more directly on our eight points, breaking them down into 3-5 lessons per point.


Unit 7 Lessons are:

• Lesson 1: Enjoying the Planet
• Lesson 2: Respecting the Natural World
• Lesson 3: Rhythms and Balances
• Lesson 4: Stuff
• Lesson 5: Caring for Mother Earth
• Lesson 6: The Universe

Each Year Two Lesson Includes:

Teacher Introduction/Getting to the Heart of the Lesson
Teacher Reflection
Spiritual Affirmation with full color Art
Original Story, and Activities, Bible Verses,
Wisdom Quotes

Getting to the Heart of the Lesson

The best way to enjoy the planet is to get out and do something — not sit and talk about it.

This lesson offers an encouraging reminder for an attitude of enjoyment and appreciation when we experience the natural world in all its forms. To enjoy means to have an inner experience of joy — to be “in joy” as our bodies and minds are engaged in activity.

The Genesis story, like other creation myths, ends with creation being “finished” and God taking a well deserved rest. A story needs an ending or we are left with a feeling of incompletion; we wonder how it all turns out. But the idea that God created everything and
then stopped being involved may imply that we are not responsible for what happens in the natural world and God is outside of our experience. In truth, the creation story is ongoing.

We are a part of an amazing and continually evolving story. Enjoying the story puts us in
harmony with the creator and the creation. Consciously enjoying means we are living the story from the inside out — we become co-creators with the source.

During biblical times, protecting the environment and ecological issues weren’t a concern, so not much was written about them. But there are many examples in the Hebrew scriptures of love and reverence for the earth as a creation of god.

Jesus talked about living in the realm of the spirit. He claimed that if we are willing to risk living within the truth that God is the source of our being, we, too can experience the same joy, freedom and peace that he experienced. Jesus taught that when we discover this
we will want to celebrate.

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