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Acid Speech Breeds Violent Acts

Cosmic Mystery Series






Leighton George Hayne,1836-1883

Melody: William L. Wallace
Harmony: Geri Zanon

  1. Acid speech breeds violent acts
    As does use of hurtful names.
    From all these harsh actions flow
    That become much more than games.
  1. In our youth we used to say
    “Sticks and stones may break my bones
    But cruel names will never hurt”
    Though they use most spiteful tones.
  1. Use of white lies will not work
    For while bodies heal most hurts
    Wounded hearts may never heal
    Staying harmed by what perverts.
  1. Hurts to bodies are not good
    And should rightly be condemned
    But each acid tone can lead
    To results that never end.
  1. Acid speech comes from within
    From a heart that’s insecure
    With a need to love itself
    To become much more mature.
  1. So let’s watch what shapes our speech
    Lest it be an evil pawn
    That destroys our inner love,
    Born a rose and not a thorn.

Text and Melody © William Livingstone Wallace
Harmony © Geri Zanon

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William (Bill) Livingstone Wallace is a retired New Zealand Methodist Minister and one of our most prolific contributors. Bill says that his work springs from communicating with the fire in his gut and his observation of both the internal and external aspects of the Cosmos. Since an early age, he has been both sympathetic to and critical of the church, announcing at the age of 13 his belief in evolution. In his youth, he struggled with the disconnection between art and spirituality in his own and other denominations and with the way in which all of the liturgies prior to the sermon were regarded as preliminaries and longer sermons were viewed as superior to more concise ones.

He holds a B.A. in philosophy and a Dip. Ed. and is the author of nine published collections of his hymns as well as other resources on our website. His aim is to help people be empowered by the divine within them and the Cosmos and to work to overthrow the forces of personal and institutional greed which destroy both the ecosystem and human society.

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