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By Published On: July 12, 20130 Comments on Amen


(An expression of confirmation used by Jews, Christians, and Muslims; translated as so be it; truly; yes.)


All:        If I could say one word,

     I would say Amen


Leader:  So be it sun and stars

      And moon and rain

All:        Amen


Leader:  Truly flowers, trees

      And food and fun

All:         Amen


Leader:  Yes to this and Yes to that!

      And all who teach that we are one

All:        Amen, Amen, Amen


Leader:  If I could say one word

      I would say Amen


All:        So be it tests, accomplishments

     And things that went all wrong

Leader:  Amen


All:       Truly kids and partners, family, friends

     And those who love to be alone

Leader:  Amen


All:        Yes to easy happiness

     And hard decisions done

Leader:  Amen


All with Leader (softly):

   Soft Amens

             Whisper wondrous awe

   Or weep in blank despair

(in whispers)



All with Leader (loudly):

    Loud Amens

    Rise on laughter, dance in splendor

    Sing and shout for more

(with gusto!)



All with Leader:

   And those that try to drag life down; decry, denounce or vilify

   I shall seek to reconcile

(Pause; then individually)


Leader at close:


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