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Bury My Soul

By Published On: January 17, 20140 Comments on Bury My Soul

Bury my soul in the depths of your love, o my lord;
Let me not see a morrow of suffering in the world.
Discomfort and dissatisfaction became a part of my life,
As I can’t lean on your bosom like your beloved disciple.

News of refugees fill the space of our newspapers,
And the wars for water are at the brink of our lives.
Pain and agony, hunger and constant threats to life,
Sickness and loneliness: sweep them out of here.

The stench of gasoline is so much that it fills my nostrils,
And it reminds me of the ships that carried the colonizers.
The noise of shelling around keeps me from contemplating,
And I am finding it hard to reach the depths of your love.

In the name of God, one is fighting against the other,
And in the name of nation, ten thousand rise against one.
My God, I may need to try hard to find your abounding love,
And pray that you will establish peace and harmony in the world.

Now, hear the words that need to be etched on my epitaph:
“Here rests the troubled soul of the most unfortunate one,
Who blew up all the opportunities to see and work with God,
While seeking to be buried in the depths of that God’s love.”

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