Call to OCCUPY

For the Honolulu OCCUPY movement 2012
Sung to Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

Come on People

Live life freely

Learn the way of

Common trust

Listen to the sounds



With other’s thrust

Take within yourself

The burden

Green the earth

Many One All

Let blue Gaia

Be your village

Shine your spirit

Walk on tall

Let the light that

Brightens darkness



Display care

Up on your shoulder

Do create


Speak your voices

Even in shadows

Open the eyes of

Those you love

Never let the

Doubts beclouding

Block the sunshine

From above

Heed the cries

Align your passion

Join the struggle

Of our time

Swing your hip

And dance the Hula

Grace the change

Of paradigm

Launch with those

Who share the vision



In a life that

Keeps on burning

Live Ohana’s


Show Aloha

That’s your calling


The signs divine

Each one on the

Globe your brother

And your sister

Life’s combine

Choose to follow

Lead the journey

Know that alone

You dance the Way

Then join hands

Commune together


Be here to stay

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