Christmas Midsummer

By Published On: December 18, 20140 Comments on Christmas Midsummer

In the mild mid-summer pleasant winds can blow;

Balmy zephyrs soothe us; wafting to and fro;

Christmas has its beauty; Mary’s pain is past;

Lullaby her first born; parents’ joy at last.


In the warm mid-summer drying winds can blow;

Cooling breezes freshen in the evening glow;

Christmas has its contrasts; happiness and stress;

Wonder of a child birth, but in stable mess.


In the hot mid-summer scorching winds can blow;

Rainless days unending, rivers cease to flow;

Christmas has its harshness; it can linger still;

Cattle shed for birthing; Herod plans to kill.


Summer is the season when we harvest grain;

When the fruit from nature ripens on the plain;

Christmas, here in summer, hot or warm or mild

Is the time for growing; following the child.


Tune:  Cranham (In the bleak midwinter)


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