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Clearing the Shadow Moon- Incantation

By: JeminEye Incantations

Clearing lifetimes of Karma

through my heart

a portal of healing

draws us into love

beyond our fears

of separation

Go quickly, headstrong & foolish

the deeper meaning

will reveal the future soon enough

release the wound

into forgiveness

Let go

it’s only a moment anyway

Remember the gift

is in the lesson

not the dream

of what we created

Trust me

while I walk closer

to your fear

than even you dare

I am the sacred mirror

clear of smoke

not like the others

I am unique

what you see is who I am

Nothing hides my heart

no walls to climb

or locks to pick

I am free

in love know me

the sound of my voice

speaking to your soul

The soft touch of my skin

across your body

The look in my eyes

peircing into your heart

I see you before me

anxious to release

your biggest secret

that binds you

the secret

I know more clearly

than you are willing to see

your biggest fear

divides you

Nothing scares me

I accept you unconditionally

welcome you to open your wings

to soar freely

on the winds of time & space

heals everything

in a disquise, all dressed up

with new experiences

buried deep within the heart

knows the truth

love cannot hide

lifetimes cannot erase

promisses of devotion

given from the depth



A Love Poem by JemInEye Full Moon 2012

Music clip by Ah Nee Mah-Sacred Spirits

Art by Jessica Perlstein


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