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Does Divinity Shape My World?

By Published On: October 11, 20190 Comments

Oh yes, I meditate. I have genuflected and even made the sign of the cross on occasion.  But, I wonder, do these salutations assure me of clear Divinity or not? I would call these functionary activities some semblance of being one with Spirit!

At least I hope so.

Which begs the question, how far can one really go in touching his or her divinity? Can I shout it from the rooftop? Or better yet, can I move to a place of compassion and honesty when I perform any of these duties? I don’t really have a definitive answer, do you?

I have often heard from many people that if you just accept Jesus as your savior then you will be alright.  Right? Of course Right? I don’t believe so because as far as I know God or Spirit is everywhere present.  What one would say is Omnipresence. I don’t believe there is any formula for obtaining enlightenment because there are many paths to Truth; not man-made truth but absolute Truth!  And perhaps, just perhaps, there is a deeper meaning in the phrase of “Being Saved.” I don’t believe it is my way or the highway.

There are many different paths to God because there are many different people and different cultures in this world, Earth. I believe no one or no religious belief gets us to the ultimate destination better known as the “Kingdom of Heaven”. I have read that Jesus the Christ said in the Holy Bible that the “Kingdom of Heaven” is within.

In other words, the Kingdom is not some glorious place up in the sky when we die, but exists right now and is available right here in our daily existence on this lovely blue planet. Of course, that is my opinion based on my observations and experiences.  When I get still and listen, truly listen, I know I hear the sound of Spirit. When we talk to God we are praying, but when we meditate we are listening to God. I know we should do more listening to a supreme being rather than our own lofty notions of all-knowing.  What do you think?

I know I have a body and I have a mind, but do I incorporate Spirit into this physical reality?  Am I conscious of all my prejudices? Or, do I sit in judgment of everyone and everything that is seemingly different from me, my race, or gender or even my sexual identity? I don’t know, do you?

My individual perceptions are tainted by my own experiences and my own reality, or some would say by my environment. This is reality is actually an earth school.  A place in infinite time to learn and grow. So the question must be asked, just how much can I spiritually mature in this lifetime? I know viscerally, maybe even unconsciously, that I can go deeper every time I pray. Every time, I see a new sunrise or sunset.

I obviously experience life and death as I get older; and, I begin to realize as I acquire more knowledge and wisdom that my confidence in something greater than my own perceptions is real and can play a dominant role in my life.

The famous 20th century singer, Mr. Frank Sinatra, sang in his song “It was a very good year” that, as he approaches the autumn of his years, he becomes aware of his temporary hold on his life in this world; he thinks of his life as “Vintage wine, pouring sweet and clear from fine old Kegs”. He continues to sing “It was a very good year.” Or I think he is actually singing that it was a very good life. He is already planning his next life incarnation: a greater willingness to adhere to principles and core beliefs that will see him through difficult times, and help answer the big questions about living and the best way to go about a day to day existence on this earth plane. If they truly wants to grow then they will grow.

This question about what one believes and why becomes a self-fulling prophecy and one that every human being that has or ever will live can explore.  Of course, this process is always up to us because we have been granted free will. The choice is ours, so will we choose wisely or not?

All these timely deliberations are conducted in an atmosphere of intentional highest good for ourselves and our neighbors. St. Peter once said, “Love, Above All, Love Each Other Deeply From The Heart”. I know that if we do this act we cannot stray too far from that Highest Good. And so it is.

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