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Can three full stops make a difference? Greatest Overview Divine?

Much is talked about unity, oneness, global peace, the brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind and woman-kind, universal love.

The reality is we are brought up in our natal religion – whatever religion that is. It’s part of everyone’s cultural heritage, world over. Intellectually, we may accept other religions, practise what is called ‘religious tolerance’. Yet such is the growth and development of a child that the religion-of-birth, like all parental and authority conditioning, never goes away lifelong. It’s part of who we are, whatever we choose to do with it as adults. Honour it, return to it, ignore it, question it, transform it.

Beautiful books like the Usborne Encyclopedia of World Religions for children, make little impact on this issue. Joining up all religions isn’t the strongest place to start because everyone comes to the table with their own agenda and the core belief – a very deep one – that theirs is the best religion of all.

We live in a world characterised as ‘fragmented’. It isn’t fragmented. It’s diverse. If we ecologically pattern our thinking, we reframe it, and that applies to science and scientific thinking too. The move, psychologically, to a quantum world from a mechanistic worldview is slow enough. Quantum has been with us for over a hundred years. Its findings are so non-rational and illogical they still tend to get put in that box called ‘weird’ and are easily dismissed along with all E.S.P. phenomena.

The issue we face is very simple. Do we, as a species, the most intelligent species in the evolutionary history of life on Earth, choose to see wholeness first? It’s the great ecological model staring us in the face every day of our lives, along with magical mega-mandalas of sun, moon, stars. All are visual wholes, three dimensional, round as footballs. Can the Earth itself be our primary and primal model for life?

This pushes the issue into the hierarchical patterning beloved by our species. Who is Number One? We all answer that question differently. It’s not about the dualistic divide between a scientific viewpoint and a spiritual one. Nor is it about whether, individually, we choose to be self-serving or own-species or other-species-serving. Our personal positioning is implicated for sure, but it’s not the central issue.

If you can befuddle people’s minds with info-overload – true or otherwise – so they never get to any overview, then hierarchies and prioritising will become the automatic default thinking-pattern. A reinvention of the old ‘bread and circuses’ to amuse the Roman populace. It’s a long long way from a coherent overview of life, the one the Earth provides us with gratis.

G.O.D. is the central issue here. Greatest Overview Divine. Can we collectively reach the point where we agree to the sanctity of the whole Earth as our shared home? Because if we have a concept we agree upon collectively that overrides all considerations, we can all position ourselves within its embrace. No-one gets left out, excluded.

If the feminists want to give it a matriarchal cast, then G.O.D.D.E.S.S. – Greatest Overview Divine Designs Earth’s Species Survival – might do it.

Who is left out of this paradigm? Well, all those who believe life, theirs included, is ultimately of no account. Regardless of where the mindset originates. Whether they have been so completely seduced by money, power or culture-of-birth they refuse, point-blank, to go outside that box of negativity.

We really do know enough now.

Is G.O.D. a big enough concept, one globally understood as embracing us all, whichever one of the 6,500 languages spoken in the world today passes our personal lips? Implicated in the word ‘divine’ is the feeling of miraculousness, a point of view accessed easily through nature and observing nature’s processes.

Ultimately, this issue will be worked out at the energy level, the invisible level, the level of microbes, mycelium, neutrinos, sub-atomic particles. On the energy-into-matter cusp, springing from the conflation of a full energy-spirit appreciation.

To take it all for granted is a common enough attitude. With the tiniest bit of tweaking, the insertion of three full stops, we take one enormous step towards re-sanctifying the Earth. The invitation is to find your own place within the schema of the Greatest Overview Divine. Maybe an agreed meeting point will transpire – if enough human willpower is behind it.

What constitutes a personal ‘Greatest Overview Divine’? This assumes you are willing to engage with the idea in the first place. Imagine, as did John Lennon, all the world’s people’s contributing. What multi-solutions to our species’ self-created problems would then arise? Manifest. Grow!

My partner said: Living out of the inter-relationship between everything on Planet Earth’.
Mine is more personal, childhood-sourced. EcoSanta – the last mythological hero celebrated by the Western world – transformed into the Children’s Environmental Champion. (Santa is such a great giver, you see.)

Can a mere acronym be expected to do so much in our visually literate, digital and diverse world? The next time a person asks you: ‘Do you believe in God?’ the unequivocal answer can be ‘Yes, as long as there’s three full stops in it.’

In love and blessings for the Earth and all who live on Gaia,

Ann Palmer aka Gaia Dance

Ecologisers: the Young People’s International Anti-litter and Environmental Charity SC048663




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