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Got the holiday blues? Here’s a resource for resistance AND renewal!

A new way to experience the holidays..together.

Is it that time of year already?

Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and Christmas is coming…how are you feeling?

Overwhelmed? Resolute? Confused? Curious?

From the latest mass shootings to ongoing political turmoil, from the revelatory heartbreak of #MeToo to cascading ecological devastation, for many of us it’s a tough year to hold out for hope.

I want to await the arrival of God, and welcome family and friends unconditionally – and yet if I’m honest, I have some withholds: What will ‘home for the holidays’ mean this year?

So many of my friends tell me that these holiday dates that used to bring such joy…the ones that once set the steady rhythm of their spiritual journey each year…suddenly feel emptied of meaning and comfort.

Many of us are wondering: What does ‘Emmanuel’ – God-come-near – mean when the world’s going mad?

If this is you, you’re in good company.

The reason for the season – like many of our highest ideals – have been hijacked by politicians and preachers who want to ‘Make America Great Again’ in a way that excludes a great many of God’s most vulnerable creatures.

But we don’t have to take this war on Advent hope lying down.

Instead, some friends and I are creating a pop-up community to shift things together. Just like friends of God once turned the empire’s propaganda ‘Caesar is Lord’ inside-out and proclaimed that a Baby in a manger came to change everything, we want to Make Advent Great Again. And we can’t do that without you!

MAGA – the redeemed one – is an online community running the month of December, where we can fellowship, share encouragement, and explore better practices that just might keep us sane, healthy…and even joyous.

In other words, we’re creating community for holiday resistance and renewal.

The cost? Contribute whatever you can to help make this possible for everyone. No one is turned down for lack of funds.

This holiday season is challenging, for so many of us. But together? We’ve got this.

Are you in?

Come join us at!

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